Biodiesel Manufacturing and Refining Facility (installed) built in 2009 with 3 Million Gal/Year potential. ASTM certified, 637 complete and meters in compliance with Arizona Weights and Measures for Commercial Use. Sale or Lease purchase and open to negotiation. All design, blueprints and construction costs available upon request and on site.

Available, complete biodiesel manufacturing and refining facility of 1 skid mounted (modular) capable of producing 3 MM Gallons per year to satisfy ASTM D6751. The Biodiesel Warehouse Facility also has space for an additional 3 MM Gallon skid. Located within industrial area of Tucson, Arizona including tank farm for storage of 60,000 Gallons of feedstock and 30,000 Gallons of product.

The process also includes feedstock pre-treatment units as well as wastewater treatment unit for discharge compliance.

The process is divided into the following operations.

     1. Feedstock pre-treatment

     2. Ultrasonic mixing and reaction

     3. Glycerine separation

     4. Biodiesel wash

     5. Wash separation

     6. Filtration

     7. Drying

     8. Wastewater treatment

Main equipment is as follows

1. Hielscher Ultrasonic Reactor

2. 800 Gallon Reaction Vessel

3. Continuous Glycerine Coalescer Separator

4. 800 Gallon Water Wash Vessel and Continuous Water Coalescer

5. Eco 2 Pure Filtration Tower, Cold Clear Filtration unit and 1 Micron Filter

6. Alfa Laval MOPX Separator for pre-treatment

7. 20,000 Gallon storage tanks, (1) 12,000 Gallon storage tank, (1) 10,000 Gallon storage tank, (2) 8,000 Gallon storage tank with Liquid Controls (LC) Meters for biodiesel and Waste Vegetable Oil

8. Waste Water Treatment Unit for pH adjustment, Polymer Injection and Separation

Other Images of the Plant

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